Open Daily: Sun-Sat: 11am-11pm

History Of Cream Corner

The journey of our outlet began when the proprieter Mr. Rafiq Dange, Mr.Riyaz Dange, Mr.Salim Dange started a source of income, selling handmade pot Ice cream on a bicycle wandering all over from venna lake to other points.
Gradually he purchased a Hath-Gadi and started same near venna lake where initially the British Day used to exist and the outlet was situated on corner near Dam.
When we Introduced the delight "Strawberry With Cream" which became so famous that gathered n' no of crowd .As the outlet was first situated at the corner, it bacame well known by the name "Cream Corner"
As day by day the crowd got increased in mid 70's other people also joined near our outlet and it became a tourist spot or we can call it chowpati later the 28 stalls were alloted by government through Forest Department, near the lake just opp to Garden.
Now the outlet is situated exactly in mid of 28 stalls near venna lake just opposite to PratapSigh Garden